How to Tell Your Parents They’re Adopted

You’ve received an anonymous letter; your parents are in fact, both adopted. 

Unfortunately, the letter doesn’t say who the biological parents were. Presumably, they were two sets of people. One set of which probably took their first glimpse of your tiny future mother, and simply said, “pass”. 

The other set likely had a good, long look at the sweet, innocent boy that would later become your father, and said, “What a miracle. This kid is really going to be loved. Not by us though”. 

It’s now your responsibility to bring this news to their attention. There’s really no easy way to do it, but the sooner they know, the worse. 

Then again, maybe you shouldn’t tell them. After all, they’ve gotten to live blissfully unaware of this for so long. Then again, you’ve already sent the letter and supporting documents to several news outlets. Ultimately, they need to hear it from you, not some attractive blonde at 6 o’clock, or her much older and slightly less attractive male co-anchor. 

So, how do you tell your parents something so confusing, derailing, and possibly hurtful? It won’t be easy, that’s for sure. The trick will be to let empathy and grace be your guiding lights. 

When to tell them

Whenever you want, it’s your news, not theirs. You’re just doing them the kindness of sharing it.

How to tell them

Are they elderly? If so, lean in close. If they aren’t, then get creative – this is your moment.

Why you should tell them

The look on their faces as they struggle to come to grips with the logistics, why else? 

Good luck!

Gerald Fuh
Gerald is an award winning writer of animal poetry. When not taking pen to paper, he sells drugs.

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