Hellen St. Helens Hellenson

Hellen (or “Helen”, to her friends) brings a bunch of experience to the Chronicle. None of it, unfortunately, has anything to do with journalism. However, she’s confident that her expertise in lawnmower repair theory will help her cut down the green blades of opportunity in her new field.


Pet Insurer Denies Claim for Harold the Dog’s Dental Work, Circumcision

Unanticipated expenses are the hardest ones to deal with.

Crime Rate in Winnipeg Hits 100% – Lowest It’s Been in a Decade

Things are getting less bleak in Winnipeg, at least from a personal safety perspective, as crime rates continue to slide.

Man Still Naps in the Bathroom on His Break, Even Though He’s Working From Home

Sometimes a guy’s eyes get heavy, but sleeping at your desk is poor form.

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