House Husband Looking to Make Career Move – Considers Becoming Stay-at-Home Dad

Tom Timson, 36, is one of Canada’s finest house husbands. But lately, he’s been feeling the urge to do more with his life.

“I just need a little more to keep me going than preparing cereal-based dinners and having meaningless conversations with myself.” Says Timson.

“I think having a little guy, or little gal, would add a bit of spice to my days. I spend most of my time calling my parents to share my opinions on the state of the video gaming industry, and to tell them interesting facts about retro video games. I’m also quite diligent in keeping track of how many times I can say ‘hi’ to the mailman before he says ‘hi’ back. Although I enjoy what I do, it can get a little repetitive.”

Despite having all of this to offer to the world, Timson feels his efforts aren’t appreciated by the world, his wife, or sometimes even by himself.

“Yesterday evening my wife wasn’t impressed that after a twelve-hour workday, she came home and got yelled at for knocking down the beer can tower I made directly inside of the front door. So, it looks like I either need to change wives, or change careers entirely.”

“She works really hard to help me keep up this lifestyle, which is great, and I love her for it. Ultimately though, it’s me who does all the sleeping in, on top of having to do two or three sets of pushups a day. By the time that’s all said and done, I barely have time to clean, so I don’t.”

Timson also added that while it would be hard to leave his current group of zero co-workers, he looks forward to developing mundane working relationships with new colleagues, which would consist of a son or daughter, or possibly even twins.

“It would be nice. The pay would suck, but at this point in my life, a good salary isn’t as important as having someone around to help me rebuild that beer can tower.”

T. Henry Montrose
I love to travel the world, dine finely, and kick ass at every turn. That's pretty much it. Oh, and I've tried to make homemade apple fritters. What about you? What kinds of donuts have you tried to make at home?

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