Report: Every Day There Are People That Have to Go to Sleep, and Wake Up, Knowing That They’re in Saskatchewan

What has long been rumoured, has been confirmed. Every day, thousands of people have to bear the burden of knowing that when they wake up, they’ll still be in Saskatchewan.

Started as a prison colony for Manitobans in 1779, Saskatchewan is home to the world’s biggest collection of boredom. 

In fact, the province has many notable farming innovations and innovators. Many people also believe the Toyota Corolla was invented there.

Most people dream of the day they’ll summon the courage to walk down to the premier’s farm and tell him they’re leaving, but they’re far too polite to ever actually do it.

In the meantime, though, it’s not all grim. After all, they do get to live in a province where before a man can propose to his cousin, he has to mud wrestle his future father-in-law/current uncle into submission wearing nothing but a Riders jersey.

We’ll have more as this story unfolds.

Deanst is a former weatherman at the weather station. In his brief stint here, he has been described as "a credit to our craft” by some, and “clearly a stock photo of a turn-of-the-century gentleman" by others.

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